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  • Reconditioned Pallets - Large inventory of recycled pallets from a variety of industries including both standard (GMA) and odd-sizes. Our repair standards are the toughest in the industry and our used pallet quality is unsurpassed.
  • Custom Design - We will work with you to custom design and build the pallet that works best for you using new lumber, recycled lumber or a mix of both!
  • New Pallets
  • Heat Treating & Certification for Exports

Recycled Pallets

Oregon Pallet deals almost exclusively with used/recycled pallets. Pallet recycling saves money and is good for the environment when compared to purchasing new pallets. Oregon Pallet specializes in the standard 48x40 pallet with 4-way entry (GMA/grocery pallet), offering several different grades of this pallet size. Click here for more information on these grades, or contact us to discuss which pallet best meets your specific needs.

Aside from the 48x40, Oregon Pallet has a variety of pallets that pass through our facility. While our inventory varies, we can often times offer other sizes from 36x36 to 48x48. All of our reconditioned pallets have undergone our strict repair procedures and comply with the accepted repair standards of the National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA).

Oregon Pallet’s selection of pallets may include everything from a low-cost "one-way" pallet to a high grade "like new" pallet. Low cost, one-way pallets are older and have been repaired more, but they are cost effective and get the job done in many situations. "Like-new" pallets are used pallets that have been used very little, have very few repairs and look and perform like a new pallet.

Also available is what we call a "New Life" pallet, which is made of new 2x4 stringers, and used/recycled wood board on the top and bottom deck. This allows us to custom build other pallet sizes with a strong structural integrity.

  • We buy and collect used and surplus pallets from businesses (not individuals at this point)
  • Contractual agreements for regular delivery and pick-up of used pallets can be arranged
  • We can stage trailers/flatbeds on site for customers to use or stack pallets as needed
  • We arrange repair and return programs tailored to your demand
  • We can haul and dispose of select types of wood waste when picking up pallets from your facility

Call us for availability and details on our non-standard pallets. We are happy to work with you to find the pallets that best meet your specific needs.

Heat Treating Services

If you are shipping product internationally or to specific domestic customers, many now require a heat treated pallet to comply with international regulations, complete with a stamp on the pallet and a certificate of compliance. Used/recycled pallets can be heat treated to meet these standards, at a much lower cost than buying a brand new heat treated pallet. Please contact us for details on how Oregon Pallet can help you meet your international shipping needs.

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