Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions our customers commonly ask:

  • What is a standard (GMA) pallet?

    A "standard," "GMA," or "grocery board" pallet is a 48"x40" 4-Way pallet that meets the specifications set forth by the Grocery Manufacturers Association to assure uniform quality across a variety of markets. A standard pallet has three 2x4 runners or "stringers" along the side and middle, and a minimum of 7 deckboards across the top of the pallet and 5 across the bottom.

  • What are the different grades of a standard pallet?

    Standard pallets refer only to the size and construction of the pallet. It does not indicate if they are new or used pallets. New Pallets are all simply "new."

    Used GMA pallets typically come in two different grades – referred to as A and B, or #1 and #2. Some vendors offer a #3 pallet, which do not technically meet the GMA standard, but are often times efficient and cost-effective for the end user.

  • What is the difference between A and B, or #1 and #2?

    A (or #1) Pallets are USED 48x40 4-way Standard Pallets that have been repaired to meet the original GMA standard. To meet the #1/A spec, the pallet may not have any additional 2x4 boards bracing the original runners/stringers.

    B (or #2) Pallets are USED 48x40 4-way Standard Pallets that have been repaired to meet the original GMA standard, and they may have additional 2x4 boards that are bracing the original runners/stringers on the pallet. Why this might matter: The additional board will reduce the opening and limit the access for a forklift by about 2". It may affect the smooth operation of automated systems.

  • What is the difference between 2-way and 4-way pallet?

    2-Way means there are two points of entry for a forklift to access the pallet. The front and the back "fork pockets", with no access along the side of the pallet.

    4-Way means there are 4 points of entry for a forklift to access the pallet. The sides are notched for forklift entry in addition to the front and back fork pockets.

  • How do I know what size a pallet is?

    Pallets are referred to by their size in inches. The first dimension is always the length of the 2x4 runners, the second dimension is the width of the deckboards that go across the top. For a standard 48x40 pallet, the 2x4 runners are 48" long and the width of the pallet is 40" across the top.

  • What about plastic or metal pallets?

    We don’t carry plastic or metal pallets as a stock item. Our primary focus is on recycled wood pallets. As a recycler, we sometimes see them come through. Please call for availability.

  • I have a bunch of used pallets. Does Oregon Pallet pick them up?

    It depends on what you mean by a "bunch", and what kind / size of pallets you have. We have large semi-trucks and flatbed trailers. Typically we pick up pallet loads of 200+ pallets. You can bring your pallets to us to recycle during normal business hours.

  • Do you buy pallets?

    We do not buy pallets from the general public. If you have a business with a surplus of pallets, please call for details.

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